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Clambake Tips & Videos

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Washing & Storing Clams

Our clams are from the ocean, a salt water environment, not freshwater. Clams that are purchased unwashed could use a rinse to get their systems working again. During rinsing the clam will naturally think that it is back in the water and will begin to process sand from their systems. Rinse don't soak your clams or they will weaken and become unfit to eat.

Wash your clams an hour before service and up to a couple of hours before, but don't wash today for tomorrow! 

Perhaps you purchased your clams washed and bagged - in which case there is no need for further processing.

Remember: If you purchased unwashed clams and you're rinsing your clams a wide-open raw uncooked clam needs to be discarded. A closed or cracked clam is perfectly fine to steam. However, we always recommend eating your shellfish cooked. 

Always store your clams iced in a cool place, refrigerator, or cooler with proper drainage. 

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